Friday, 9 September 2011

Family Tree

Mundia is a branch of that allows you to create a family tree that automatically provides links with other trees that share your details.

You can type in your tree yourself or you can import your gedcom tree. You can contact other people who share the same ancestors and you can search the database for names.

The usual cautions apply.

Names and dates may differ from tree to tree.
The same mistakes can get copied from one tree to the next.
Any new information or connections should be added to your own tree with care.
Anyone still living should be treated as a 'private' connection until you have their permission to go public.

The help function is not very useful so far and saving photos to individual profiles is exhausting! 
But overall, my experience on Mundia has been absorbing and rather obsessive! I've found a distant cousin on a branch that was very light on and another distant cousin had posted some great photos of headstones and churches for our ancestors.

You can also download an app for your iphone. This has been great when travelling. You can show family members and compare notes. And when you find yourself wandering around yet another cemetery, you have all the names, dates and places at your fingertips!

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